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Private tutorials like Duke College is growing at an alarming rate among the students of Toronto. Today many parents are turning to private tutors to supplement a public education because they think that schooling is not enough for their children to go hand in hand with the education system of today. Today the rates of Toronto students who are availing the facility of private tutors is growing day by day and it has managed to reach up to 80% over the last three years. This data have been studied by the Toronto school board itself. While in 2010 only 10 per cent of students of each class joined a private tutor but today that has increased by 20% in 2014. Tutoring rates for high school students rose from 15% to 21% in the same year of difference.

Many a times it happens that for weak or laid back students it is the school itself that suggests the parents to conduct private tuitions for their children. Due lack of pace or any other reason might be that the children are not able to cope up with their class lessons. As a result they stay behind. So in order to move on with the class the parents get their children’s admission to the private classes, which has proved to be quite helpful in many cases.

Today it has become very necessary as well as tough to get into the competition of higher education. So every child competes for the best and against the best, hence everyone has to have high standards to participate in this competition. Simultaneously the parents also realize rather believe that one teacher for 30 students is not enough for individual’s standard of education and hence they believe in involving their children in private tutoring to complement their in-school learning. On a contrary this has also been a boon to those graduates and post-graduates are in need of earning.

Some of the researches’ say that Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute had the highest rate of private tutoring of Toronto public high schools at 30% which is followed by North Toronto CI at 25%. The private tutoring rates rose in 77 TDSB high schools by 16%. In 26 high schools of Toronto, the percentage of imparting private tutorials have doubled within last five years. Today parents are more open towards private tuitions and they have realized the difference in the academic grades of their children which have increased in maximum cases.

Changes in the education system have ushered the parents to accept the private tutorial systems. A vast syllabus and the competitive future have compelled the parents and sometimes the student himself to get private tutorials. Some of the major reasons which have let the parents to send their children to private tutorials are:

Huge syllabus: since today knowing almost everything is very important for schools admissions, college and university enrollment and job application. So basically the struggle starts right from the day you join your school. A school plans to input all into the students. It has academic activities, social activities, extracurricular activities and many more to do. It has time limit for all and so is for education also. Hence every topic is not covered by the teachers, but the student has to know everything. So what to do? It is then the parents decide to put their children for private tuition’s.

Attention and interest: students lack interest where they do not get attention. The subjects which are not paid full attention generally becomes a phobia for the students. So by joining the private tutorials he or she gets to know the subject better. The private tutors generally teach handful of students which allows them to pay attention to each and every student personally. So here grows the knowledge and the phobia goes out of the window. Hence the students are able to score better marks.

Verdict: though private tutorials have been accepted by many but it has few dos and don’ts. Like a private tutor helps the student to understand the subject, but it becomes the ultimate responsibility of the student to work on that subject. Complete dependence on the private tutors cannot provide help to any student by any mean. Besides being taught it is totally upto the student to brush up the lessons all by himself.