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This is 2014 and driving your own car is no longer a sign of living the good life.  Nowadays it is the opposite, having someone drive you around means you are the top.  Driving in rush hour traffic is a nightmare so who wouldn’t want to sit back and relax while someone else does all the work.  Having a personal chauffeur is a great way to enjoy the view and let them worry about you arriving on time.

When you hire your own driver you also get their experience.  These people drive for a living and they know the ins and out of the city.  They can get you where you need to be quickly and efficiently.  Knowing the shortcuts in the busy city of Toronto is a must when there is always construction and traffic.  You will arrive in safety and comfort know that your driver is taking good care of you.

A driver can be hired to pick you up from your home or hotel and take you to your destination by either your choice of route of the one they find most efficient.  They know you hired them to relax and have a stress free ride to work or whatever event you are heading to.  So they know comfort is your top priority among arriving on time.  Most limo services offer a variety of food and drink options to make your ride that extra bit more comfortable.


Just like when you take your own car out for a drive you are still in control.  You can ask the driver to turn the radio down or the temperature up.  Some of the limos are even equipped with TVs for your enjoyment.  You wish is the drivers command.  Don’t be shy and let them know how they can best help you. Contact them at their website Park limousines.

The best part of the chauffeur experience is that when  you book ahead of time you are receiving it for costs similar to that of a normal cab ride.  It is also possible to design a contract should you need long term driving.  You will get the best rates possible for a great experience.  You are even able to request certain vehicle models or brands.